The Curated Guide
The Curated Guide

What if there was a guide dedicated to showcasing the best places to eat and drink? A guide that was just that, a guide, and not just another directory listing every place with an open sign and an advertising budget. Well, such a guide does exist and it just so happens to be in your hands right now.

Inside the online version of The 2018 Curated Guide are what we think to be the region’s best food and drink destinations, found in select parts of Nova Scotia. They’re locally owned restaurants, pubs, take-out joints, cafés, breweries, wineries and more, all chosen by a hand-selected group of culinary enthusiasts. Also included in this guide are tours, attractions, festivals and events, along with a few detailed maps. Together, they help frame the picture we are painting. It’s a beautiful portrait, without a doubt, and we hope this guide will serve you well in your quest to experience the best Halifax has to offer.

Live long and local,

Alexandar Henden Alexander Henden