The Curated Guide
The Curated Guide

What if there was an online guide that was less about advertising revenue and more about the user experience? A platform that wasn’t about paid memberships or friends groups and instead was dedicated entirely to showcasing the very best. This, my friends, is the basic premise behind The Curated Guide.

This website, which is produced by Curated Food & Drink Magazine, contains what we think to be the very best food drink destinations in key parts of Nova Scotia. Restaurants, pubs, cafés, breweries, wineries, and more, all chosen by a hand-selected group of judges. This website also contains recommended attractions, accommodations, and events, and will soon have a retail section as well.

Registered users will also be able to rate their experiences, add destinations to their “Favourites List”, and gain access to a section called “Treasures” where they will find new and exclusive offers found nowhere else.

All-in-all, it’s actually a pretty decent little website. We hope serves you well as you explore this great province.

Live long and local,

Alexandar Henden Alexandar Henden